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Since inception in 1985, our Firm continues its tradition of quality, efficiency, teamwork and reputation to attract and retain talents.

JC Master is full of vitality with its reputation and entrepreneurial culture. Our senior lawyers are good teachers and helpful friends to the newcomers; our practice is exciting and challenging, which provides a platform for anyone who has the aspiration and ability.

We are the best choice for those who have the confidence and thrives.

We will change you! We will make you achieve!


Our firm has several vacancies for the following positions:

Successfully passed the China Bar Examination;
Passed CET-6 or above;
Serious awareness of job responsibility;
Good service attitude, dedicated and team work;
Strong foreign language speaking ability
Multi-professional qualification preferred.


Successfully passed the China Bar Examination;
Possess substantial experience in litigation practice.

JC Master Law offices provides regular law clerk internship, and we always welcome those outstanding law-related students from universities to join our team.

If interested, please send resume to the following address:

JC Master Law Offices
Attention: Human Resource Department
Address: 9/F, National Water Resources Building, 70 Qingjiang South Road, Nanjing 210036, P.R.China.
Tel:  86-25-8450 3333
Fax: 86-25-8450 5533

Email: ŷޱֱ:HR@etestol.com

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